You’ve got to be a tech startup.

If you’re selling retail beauty products online, or truck parts, or legal advice, you might be a startup, but you’re not a tech startup. The StartRail maps are for tech startups.

You’ve got to ship a product.

A lot of tech startup ideas fail between launching a landing page and shipping a product; we’re not helping the community learn about itself by mapping a bunch of empty landing pages. When you ship, submit your details to StartRail.

You’ve got to be in the community.

Even if you still call ‘Straya home, if your business is overseas now, you’re part of wherever, you’re not part of #straya. If you’re in Australia but not based in Sydney or Melbourne, you won’t find yourself on the Sydney or Melbourne map,  you'll just be omitted. So lead/goad the other startups in your local community to submit their details — get to 50 or more valid entries and we'll create a map for you.

You must still be a startup.

Maybe you were a startup once, but once you’re approaching $US50M ARR, or you have hundreds of full-time employees, or you’re acquired by Salesforce, or you have an employee parking garage, or you spend more time tweaking PowerPoint decks for the board than shipping product, you’re not really a startup.

You’ve got to submit your startup’s details.

If you’re too busy or too forgetful to submit all your startup’s details, we’re too busy and too forgetful to do it for you. If your investor said they’d do it for you but didn’t, lesson learned — don’t delegate this task next time.

We may make mistakes, but don’t game the system.

We’re fallible, we’ve probably made mistakes, and we appreciate you helping us correct them for the next update of the maps. But don’t mess with our shiz or we’ll ban you. Banning stings. There's no appeal process and banning only comes in Lifetime sizes.